• Learn To Woodturn Study at all levels with master woodturner Glenn Lucas

  • Glenn Lucas Signature Tools High quality chisels and tools available individually and in sets

  • Hand Turned Bowls Award winning bowls in native Irish wood by Glenn Lucas

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I can honestly say if I could only have one DVD in my library, this would be it.

Greg Haugen, Wood Central

It was superb… outstanding. It is one of the best not just because of the technical content but the artistic attention you gave to the final output. It really reflects your wonderful sense of artistic style.

Herb Lapp, member of Woodturner’s Club, PA.

These DVDs are very, very well done …I highly recommend them, because even the most knowledgeable turner will find them interesting, and the new and intermediate turners will find a great deal of information to learn.

Bill Blasic, Woodturning Design Magazine, August 2012

Buy Bowls by Glenn Lucas

The perfect gift. Glenn's award winning bowls are turned from native Irish woods. In classic form, they can be beautifully displayed as an example of craft excellence, or used everyday at your family table. Stunning elegance.

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