Beeswax woodturner’s polish



Protects wood and gives shine.

Suitable for salad bowls and other wooden functional ware.

Directions for the woodturner: It is recommended that after you sand your woodturned piece up to 320 grit, with the lathe stopped, use a cloth or kitchen paper to rub beeswax polish into the object. Using separate cloth/kitchen paper, start the lathe and buff to a soft shine

Directions for keeping your finished work in top condition: After use, do not soak your bowl in water, hand wash with warm water and mild detergent then wipe dry immediately. To keep the natural beauty of your wooden bowl, occasionally apply beeswax salad bowl finish with a clean cloth or kitchen paper, and rub into the grain. Wipe off excess with separate cloth/kitchen paper and buff to a soft shine.

This woodturner’s polish contains: local beeswax, mineral oil/liquid paraffin and carnauba wax.



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Weight .260 kg